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  1. Ruth says:

    You have the BEST taste in books and this blog is a terrific reference for the rest of us who want your advice!

  2. Lauren says:

    You need to review mission (un) popular you will love that book

  3. Lauren says:

    I also think ur reviews could be longer ya know love u best reviewer ever zozalicous

  4. Camille Hitchcock says:

    I can tell from your choices,that you like nonfiction and fiction stories. I read the book Out Of My Mind. I loved it so much. I would also recommend a book called Mockingbird. It is also like Out Of My Mind. With the same type of girl. When I read the small caption you wrote for, When You Reach Me, I was instantly hooked on it. Now my goal is to check that book out from the library and read it. I also want to read The One and Only Ivan.

  5. Camille Hitchcock says:

    Which website did you use to make this website!!!! Please tell me!!!!!

  6. Jenna Garcia says:

    Out Of My Mind is the best book I have ever read!!! I think that it is a good book for grades 4 and on. It has its ups and downs, when it is sad and happy. Out of My Mind is a spectacular book that appeals to everyone and gives you the reading fever.

  7. DrewAber says:

    You have one of the coolest book websites I have ever seen,and I like your recomendations for the books

  8. Love11 says:

    u r da best ever at blogging I am so happy u started one and r using it well u are the greatest person ever for starting this ur blog is INCREDIBLE hope u like the book i gave u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( 2 borrow)
    C u soon
    Love, your favorite anti- baby corn

  9. Rose says:

    Hi Zozelina,
    My students looks at your book . We wonder, how can you spend your time reading? I want you to encourage my students to interested in reading and find the book that they like. They are grad 7-11 …
    Rose from Thailand …..students from Mechai bamboo school,
    Thailand …

    • zozelina says:

      Hi Rose!
      To get your students interested in reading, you can ask them what genres of books they like– mystery, romance, adventure, science fiction, nonfiction, etc. Also, they can look at the book reviews for books that are for grades 7 and up and maybe have them read the review (usually I don’t read books for grade 11 so if they need a book just ask and I will specifically look for a book for them if you tell me what types of books they like). If it looks interesting to them they can get it and tell their friends about it. They can also look under “Genres” for a specific genre they enjoy, or “Ages” for a book for their age group. Your students can put aside a time of the day dedicated to reading, so if they finish all their work then they know they have a good book to turn to and they will look forward to it. That is usually what I do when I want time to read.
      I hope this helps your students! 🙂

      • Lauren says:

        Aww, zigaca, you are super nice! I love your blog and totally agree with Love11 and will help you advertise… idk how Rose found out about your blog but that’s pretty cool….

    • Lauren says:

      I know I am not Zozelina, but I dedicate a ton of my time to reading, probably 8/15 hours a week and a lot more when I am not in school, I think that why I read so much is that it takes you to a different world, and you learn so much from it, you would be surprised how many times I’ve had the perfect thing to say or write on a pop-quiz because I read it in a book, I can take time to read because even if the worse thing imaginable is happening you can become absorbed in a book, and it doesn’t matter how “good” or fast you are at reading. It is like watching a good tv show or a great play. If your students don’t feel like reading them ask them personally why they don’t, it can be because they have never found a book that they connect with, and then you should find out what they like to do and find a book about that, or that has the theme they like. If they aren’t good at reading, then help them learn to read or show them that it does not matter how fast they go.

      I hope this helps !!
      – Lauren

  10. Love11 says:

    Do you take comments off… Cause I don’t think you should.

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