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I liked this book and it left me feeling satisfied. Wendy Mass is a great author, and she has written lots of books. This book is about two friends, Amanda and Leo, who get stuck in a time lapse on their birthday, so every day is their birthday again, and the same things happen over and over. They know the person who made it happen, but they don’t know why the person has made the time lapse happen, and they don’t know how to get out of it! Then they realize the perks of being stuck in the same day over and over again with no one realizing what happened the day before. They do many things that they would never have the nerve to do if there were consequences, but since no one remembers except Leo and Amanda, they have fun. Then they realize that they are both stuck in this time lapse because of something that happened many years ago with their great-great grandfathers. They got in an argument and didn’t talk to each other for a year. They were stuck in the same day many times. When Amanda and Leo learn that this is the cause, they figure out that if they forgive each other for a big fight they had on their 10th birthday, the day will stop repeating.  This book is maybe for ages 9-12, but it is really enthralling.

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  1. Nina says:

    Hey again! At first, I didn’t think Eleven Birthdays looked interesting. But when I really gave it a chance, it pulled me in. The book was amazing and very creative of Wendy Mass. It was a bit confusing, but everything was pulled together and made sense by the end. I totally recommend this book to other kids!

  2. Lauren says:

    This book was okay but boring after the first read and WAY to easy if your Lexile is above 1200 also I wouldn’t recommend this book for Tweens maybe a mature nine

  3. Dilan Patel says:

    I also really liked this book 🙂

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