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A Mango-Shaped Space is a very sentimental book about a girl who has Synesthesia, a condition some people have that makes you see colors when you hear numbers or letters. Mia has a cat, Mango, who has “mango colored wheezes and purrs.” She meets people just like her, and near the end, something traumatic happens (I won’t say what) and Mia wonders whether or not her Synesthesia will stay. I definitely suggest this book–it is officially one of my favorites! The best ages for this book are probably 9-13.

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  1. Love11 says:

    I LOVE this book because it is by one of my favorite authors and is written PERFECTLY I love it times a billion you have to read it

  2. Nina says:

    I love Wendy Mass, she’s one of my favorite authors ever! I haven’t gotten a chance to read this one yet. The rating and description of this book let me know that I should definitely check this one out from the library!

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