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And Then There Were None is the suspenseful murder mystery written by Agatha Christie. I could not put this book down because it was so good! And Then There Were None is about ten strangers who are invited to a mansion on an island for different reasons. On the night they all arrive at the mansion, a recorded message accuses them all of murder. Right after, one ends up dead. The nine people that are left soon realize that one of them is secretly a homicidal lunatic that is determined to kill all of them…. and they are trapped on the island with whoever it is. As they start to be killed off one by one, they also realize that each death is happening based on a haunting poem that hints how the next person will die. They all have to work together to figure out who the murderer is, while the stakes are raised and the fear is elevated after each death. This book has the perfect amount of suspense, thrill, and mystery to keep me on my toes the entire time. I always had suspicions of who the murderer was, but it was never completely obvious because Agatha Christie made everyone seem guilty. For all these reasons, I absolutely loved this book, and I think Agatha Christie might be my new favorite author. If you are into mysteries and are not easily disturbed by violence, I definitely suggest And Then There Were None. I think this book is best for ages 12 and up.

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