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As soon as I picked up City of Bones, I could not put it down. It was gripping from the first page to the very last! City of Bones is about a girl named Clary who gets pulled into a world of demon hunters and monsters after seeing three teenagers kill a vampire at a club. After the teenagers find out Clary has the Sight (the ability to see demons), they bring her into their world while she leaves her normal one behind forever. I really liked City of Bones because Clary seemed like a relatable and down-to-earth character, so I was rooting for her the whole time. This was important to me because sometimes books make the protagonist seem too perfect or unrealistic to relate to, and then reading about their adventures is less enjoyable. Additionally, City of Bones never had a dull moment so I was never bored with it! The only aspect I did not like about this book is I felt that some parts were very predictable. There were several small plot twists where I could tell in advance what was going to be revealed, so there was not much suspense at those parts. This was a great book regardless of that, though. It is good for ages 13 and up, and I am not sure if boys would enjoy it because there is some romance throughout the story. If you are looking for a fantasy/adventure novel with a bit of romance, put City of Bones on the top of your list!

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