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Crewel is an interesting book that takes place in the future, on a different planet called Arras. The main character is a sixteen-year old girl named Adelice who is very special. On Arras everything is controlled by the Coventry, which is a place filled with Spinsters. Spinsters in this book are special, chosen girls who are excepted into the Coventry because they have a special ability: they can weave time and matter. But Adelice is even more special because she can weave without a loom (But I can’t say how she is able to do that without ruining who she really is)! This book was boring for me at first, but once you manage to get through the very beginning, it becomes griptastic. There is some bad language in this book, and so I would suggest it for maybe ages 12-14. If you like science fiction stories, you should check out Crewel.

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