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Delirium is a story about a futuristic world where love has been banned. It has been proclaimed a deadly disease, and when people turn 18, they get a surgery to make them “safe” from the disease, so they are no longer capable of loving. The main character, Magdalena (a.k.a. Lena), has been brainwashed to believe this is the correct way of doing things ever since her mom committed suicide because of love. But then she meets Alex, a boy who rebels against the system, and her whole life is changed. She is thrown into a new world of people like Alex who rebel against the government. As she spends more and more time with him, Lena starts to feel that she might be beginning to catch the disease… and it is not how she expected it to be. I really liked reading Delirium, and often times I found that I couldn’t put it down. Although some parts were boring for me, it was enjoyable overall. In some ways I thought that it was pretty similar to other books I have read, like Divergent and The Hunger Games. For example, there is an evil government that tries to brainwash its people, and a girl who is somehow different from everyone else and rebels against the government (and also somehow manages to escape death many times). Another thing that I found odd is that Lena mentions several times throughout the book that she has very ordinary looks and is not pretty, but on the cover of the book they definitely tried to make her look pretty. But still, those things did not take away from me enjoying the book, and I would suggest this to people that like futuristic romance stories. I would suggest Delirium for ages 12 and up, because although there is some romance, there is mostly a lot of talk about suicide and suffering.

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