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I read Down The Rabbit Hole for a school assignment, and I LOVED it! I usually like to pick my own books instead of being assigned to one, but I am really glad I read Down The Rabbit Hole. It is a mystery about a woman named Katherine Kovac who was murdered, but no one knows who murdered her. Ingrid, the main character, happens to be one of the last people to interact with Katherine, but she doesn’t tell the police anything in case they think she is responsible for Katherine’s murder. She starts investigating the crime on her own, and what she discovers ends up being dangerous for everyone, especially Ingrid. The only criticism I have is that this book was a little slow at the beginning because it took at least half of the book until Ingrid starts investigating. Because of that, the end seemed rushed. But nonetheless, if you enjoy dramatic mysteries with a teen investigator, you will like Down the Rabbit Hole.

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