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Evil Star is the second book of the Gatekeepers series.The first book is Raven’s Gate, which I reviewed already. In Evil Star, Matthew Freeman thinks his troubles are over after he closes Raven’s Gate, but turns out he’s wrong. There’s another gate that is about to open and let the Old Ones out (the Old Ones are the evil monsters that have been locked up for years). This gate is in Peru, and when Matt travels there to close this gate, he meets another of the Gatekeepers–one of the five (Matthew is a Gatekeeper, and there are five total, and when they find each other, together they can destroy the Old Ones). This book is really well written, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. It is SUPER gripalicious and the end will make you desperate for the third book, Nightrise. I suggest this book for anyone over the age of 10, because some parts are described with a little too much detail when somebody dies. But all in all, this book is EXCELLENT!!

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