Author: Gail Carson Levine Genre: , , , , , , ,

This story is a twist on Snow White. Aza is an innkeepers daughter who is extremely ugly but has an amazing singing voice. Life is horrible for Aza, until a duchess comes to the inn one day, and takes a liking to her. Aza finds herself working for the duchess, but one day, when the duchess goes to a royal wedding for the king and queen, Aza becomes the lady-in-waiting of Queen Ivi, the evil queen. While trying to make herself pretty, Aza stumbles upon a magic (but also evil) mirror called Skulni, who manipulates the queen. When Queen Ivi blames Aza for being a traitor and committing an evil crime, Aza runs away and finds herself in the care of gnomes. These gnomes take her in and Aza discovers a truth about herself. Then, Aza has to prove that she is innocent and that Queen Ivi is the REAL traitor.

Fairest is interesting, but a little hard to read, so I would suggest it for ages 10-14. This is a gripping book, but I wouldn’t suggest it as strongly as some of the other books I have reviewed.


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