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As soon as I started Found, I could not put it down. It is written by one of my favorite author of all time, Margaret Peterson Haddix. The way she writes this story makes you feel like you are there. Found is about a boy named Jonah, who realizes that along with his neighbor and 34 other kids, he is one of the “missing”. To describe the missing without ruining the story, I’ll say that there were 36 babies found on a plane randomly one day. The plane came out of nowhere, with no warning whatsoever. No one knows where the babies came from or who their parents are. Jonah, his neighbor, Chip, and his sister, Katherine, find themselves entangled in a whole chain of events, started by mysterious letters saying, “You are one of the Missing”, and “Beware!! They’re coming back to get you!”. The end of this book is a total cliff-hanger. Usually, I will have one or two criticisms about a book, but nope, not for this one. It is appropriate for ages 10 and up, if you are into sci-fi and mysteries. I could not suggest this book more strongly!!

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