I Am Number Four is an action-packed, gripalicious novel that I could not put down. It is about a group of nine teenage aliens called the Garde whose home planet, Lorien, was destroyed by the evil Mogadorian race. When they were still pretty young, all nine of them were saved from the destruction of Lorien and sent to Earth along with their Cêpan: their protector and guard. Before they left for Earth, a charm was placed on them. The Mogadorians followed them to Earth and their goal is to hunt down every member of the Garde, but because of the charm they can only kill the Garde in order of their numbers. Number One was killed in Malaysia, Number Two in England, and in the prologue of this book the Mogadorians find number Three in Kenya. Now they can kill Number Four if they find him, so he is constantly on the run with his Cêpan, Henri. Number Four, a.k.a “John Smith”, tries to avoid the Mogadorians and find the rest of the Garde, while also developing his Legacies, which are supernatural powers that the Garde all receive. Although Number Four is used to running from places his whole life, when he and Henri arrive in Paradise, Ohio, he starts to feel like he really belongs and doesn’t want to leave, even when Henri starts to get suspicious that the Mogadorians know where they are. Four meets a girl named Sarah and for the first time in his life he has a girlfriend. He also meets Sam Goode, a boy who has been interested in aliens his whole life and quickly becomes Four’s best friend. He is starting to have a relatively normal life until it all explodes into a sudden, dramatic ending that will leave you rushing to the sequel, The Power of Six. I loved this book because it is so original and there is never a dull moment, but it is for ages 11 and up because there is some cursing and teen romance. Other than that, if you have not read this book, I could not suggest it more!

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