A Mutiny In Time is just the beginning of a great series called The Infinity Ring. What I really like about this series is that every book is written by a different author, like the 39 Clues series, so each book is slightly different, but they are the same in this way: THEY ARE ALL SO AWESOME!!! It is a series about a group of people called the Hystorians who go back in time using a device called the Infinity Ring to fix The Great Breaks, which are mistakes in history made by the SQ, an evil organization, the enemies of the Hystorians. The SQ go back in time and change history to whatever they want it to be like.In every book there is a different Break the Hystorians have to fix, and in this one, they have to stop the mutiny of a person who is very important today. Sera and Dak, the main characters, are recruited as new Hystorians, and anything else I say will ruin the plot of this gripalistic book, so all I will say is that the books in this series are written by all the really good authors. This series is great for ages 10-14, and boys and girls will love it equally. I can’t suggest this book any more–there are just no words to describe this series, so I am just going to say… YOU HAVE TO READ IT!!!!!

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