Insurgent is the sequel to Divergent. Both of these books are great, but Insurgent was a little disappointing compared to the first one, which was really gripping. In this book, the Erudite are planning an attack on the Abnegation to take control (If you don’t know what I am talking about, you can read the “Divergent” review before this one). But since Tris is Divergent, none of the fancy, new weapons the Erudite has made works on her, so she has the advantage to defeat Erudite once and for all. In Insurgent, Tris has trouble finding a horrible truth out about her brother, Caleb (I won’t say what), and she has troubles near the end deciding where her loyalties lie. Insurgent is a sentimental book that is great except for the ending. Although the ending is not very satisfying, it is okay because the third book in this series (which I am going to read for sure!!) probably makes up for it. It is more appropriate for ages 12 and up, for reasons that include large amounts of violence and romance. But if you are 12 or older and are looking for a good adventure book, I would suggest Insurgent!

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