This is the sequel to The Unwanteds. It is equally amazing as the first one, and just as griptacular. In this one, Aaron Stowe (the evil twin of Alex Stowe) has lost a huge battle with Artimé, the magical world in which Alex lives, and he is outraged. The barrier between Quill, the place where Aaron lives, and Artimé, is taken down after the battle while Aaron plots revenge on his brother. Mr. Today, the leader of Artimé, is training Alex to be the future mage of of the Artimé. Two orange-eyed strangers, a boy and a girl, arrive at Artimé, but no one knows where they came from or who they are. At the end of The Island of Silence, a shocking and sad event occurs that leaves Artimé in Alex’s hands. This is an excellent story for ages 9 and up, and, just like the first one, it is a mix of Hunger Games and Harry Potter. You will not be disappointed by The Island of Silence if you are looking for a gripping adventure story.

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