Itch is a fantastic book with a great plot. It is about an unusual boy named Itchingham Lofte (Itch for short)  who collects the elements of the periodic table for a hobby. He finds that this leads to a lot of problems, but one day, he finds the most dangerous rock he has ever encountered or collected before. It is called Element 126. It is extremely radioactive and when somebody Itchingham knows (I won’t say who) goes crazy when they realize how much power it has and attacks Itch, Itch knows he has to do something about element 126. This book is really good, but the first part is a little boring. After you get over the boring part, though, I think you’ll find it is worth it. Another cool thing about this book is that there is an app for it, and if you get the app (it’s free) and you point it at the cover, it starts to play a little video, and same if you point the screen at the Author’s page at the picture of the author. The sequel to Itch just came out, and it is called Itch Rocks. I suggest this book for ages 9-13. If you like “Itch”, you should definitely get the sequel.

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