Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life made me think, What is the meaning of life?” This book is simply AWESOME. It is a thought-provoking story about two friends who are trying to find the keys to a box that holds the “meaning of life”. Jeremy Fink’s dad died when Jeremy was young, and Jeremy has been waiting until the right time to finally open a box his dad left for him before he passed away. But the box has many key holes and Jeremy and his best friend are taken on a scavenger hunt around town to find all the keys. The end is surprising and satisfying. I REALLY suggest this book!

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  1. Nina says:

    I haven’t read this book yet, but Wendy Mass is in my top three favorite authors! Her books really inspire me. I have read Eleven Birthdays, Finally, Thirteen Gifts, Every Soul a Star, and more by her. This one looks really good as well. Thanks for the review!

  2. MInipoodlelover says:

    this book was really good thx for recommending it.

  3. Love11 says:

    Such an amazing book although movie was not so good

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