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This is a great story about a boy named Jinx who is abandoned in the forest one day by his stepfather. He is picked up by a wizard who is known for being evil but takes Jinx in as a servant. Jinx spends a few years in Simon (the wizard)’s house, but when Simon casts a spell on Jinx, Jinx leaves and sets out into the magical forest. There he meets friends along the way who accompany him to find another wizard who can possibly take his spell off him. When he finds the wizard, though, Jinx realizes too late that it was a mistake which leads to a whole lot of drama. This book is good for ages 8-12, and is part of a series. Although I liked it, it took me a long time to finish because some parts were dull and boring to get through. It also seemed that the end of the book was rushed and not very thought out. Although that is the case, I liked the overall idea of Jinx, and it is very creative.

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