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Frankly, I loved Leap Day, which is not surprising since I love almost all Wendy Mass books. Leap Day is about a girl named Josie Taylor who was born on Leap Day. The book tells about her 16th (or fourth since Leap Day happens every four years) birthday–starting from when she wakes up that morning to when she goes to bed that night. Usually that would be boring to read about, but in Leap Day, every other chapter is narrated by people other than Josie. For example, instead of Josie telling about the day from her perspective in chapter two, chapter four, chapter six, etc, all the people she interacted with in the chapter before are narrating, like her brother, mom, best friend(s), crush, teacher, etc. It’s interesting to be reminded that even though you might see something in one way, the person right next to you could be (and probably is) seeing that same thing in a completely different way! Leap Day is for ages 11/12 and older because of some topics that are mentioned which would not be appropriate for younger kids. If you like other books by Wendy Mass or Lauren Myracle, you will definitely like Leap Day!

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  1. Love11 says:

    I LOVE THIS BOOK, this book might be better for 12 year olds because it does have some topics or one that is NOT appropriate unless you consider your self over mature for 11 and younger, it does have some implications that 11 year olds might not get but is kinda inappropriate, and some underage drinking and teen pregnancy ( just the fact she is pregnant) and one recollection about a deepish kiss…. I read this book when I was 11 and liked it but was kinda appalled by it because it does have mature topics and even though I was very mature for 11 it was…. Different. How ever it is AMAZING and hilarious, it should be on anyone’s reading list.

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