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I have read many stories about the end of the world, but this is by far the best yet. Life As We Knew It is narrated by Miranda, a girl with a normal family and normal life, up until one night when a huge asteroid hits the moon, knocking it much closer to earth. This creates disasters that go from small problems to catastrophes. This is one of the only end-of-the-world books I have read that is realistic — or, at least, as realistic as books like that get. Some examples of the first real big problems: enormous tsunamis (the moon affects the tides), volcanic eruptions in dormant volcanoes, wide-spread deadly flu, etc. All supplies start vanishing from the stores and Miranda’s family has to make do with what they’ve got. I found myself rooting for Miranda’s family all the way through. The way Miranda tells the story makes it feel very scary and real, because she is writing in a journal she was given right before disaster struck, and so she tells about almost each day, starting from spring all the way to the spring of the next year. Miranda talks about the days where she is depressed and wishes she were already dead, to the days when she is playing with her brothers and thankful for what they’ve got. The frustrating part for me was that it ended right where it seemed like the world was starting to recover, and so I never found out what happened, especially since the sequel is about a new character. There are also a few other things not revealed that I wish had been. Other than that, I really liked Life As We Knew It and could not suggest it more.

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