Looking for Alaska is a story about a boy named Miles, who is obsessed with memorizing people’s last words. Miles goes off to boarding school at a place called Culver Creek, where he meets Chip Martin, a.k.a. “the Colonel” who nicknames Miles “Pudge” and introduces him to the people who soon become his best friends: Takumi and Alaska Young. Alaska is like no other girl Pudge has ever met before; she is super funny, smart, beautiful, and excellent at pranks. Miles starts to feel himself falling in love with her. Through all that, Pudge, the Colonel, Alaska, and Takumi become very close and it seems like nothing will ever be able to break that friendship–until After. Looking for Alaska is split into two parts, Before and After. I can’t say what event occurs after the Before and before the After, because that would ruin the whole story. But in the Before, Pudge is doing well in school, he has great friends, and he eventually gets a girlfriend, Lara. But After, nothing is the same. The group drifts apart, and meanwhile Pudge and The Colonel go on a mission to uncover the mystery of what happened After. This heart-wrenching book made me feel like I really knew all the characters, and it felt like I was actually there in the story sometimes. Overall, I liked Looking for Alaska, but I enjoyed some of John Green’s other books much more, and this one just didn’t feel very original to me. Also, Looking for Alaska is for ages 12 and up because there are lots of mature topics and bad language.

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