Lost in Babylon is a well-written, gripping book. It is part of a series called The Seven Wonders. This is the sequel to The Colossus RisesObviously, that is about the Colossus of Rhodes, and Lost in Babylon is about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. In this book, Jack, Ally, Cass, and Marco have to find the loculus hidden in the Hanging Gardens (for info about the series and characters, look at the review for the first book in this series). The four kids have to figure out how to communicate with the natives in Babylon, and this time the Loculus is hidden in a temple with lots of dangers.  In  Lost in Babylon, the kids are not only in Babylon but also for a little while in Giza, where the pyramid is. They have found two of the Loculi, and now there is only five more to go!  I like this book because it takes place in the modern world and the ancient world. I suggest it if you like being on the edge of your seat, and if you enjoy a thrilling adventure.

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