This was so hard to put down that I literally brought it everywhere with me. The Maze Runner is a gripalicious book about a boy named Thomas who wakes up one day and finds that he doesn’t remember anything about himself except his first name. No recollection of any family, friends, his age, or even his last name. There are several more boys around him when he wakes up and he soon learns he is in the Glade, the center of a huge maze. These boys have been trapped in the maze with no way out for a while. What’s stopping them? Disgusting, horrible, manmade slug machines called “Grievers” that patrol the maze and kill you slowly and painfully. The only people experienced enough to try to figure out the maze are the Runners. Thomas has an odd urge to become a Runner even though it is dangerous. Everything is starting to get normal for him in the Glade until Teresa arrives. There has never been a girl in the Glade before, and even though Thomas doesn’t remember any specific memories about her they can speak telepathically. Within a few days of her arrival, they crack the code to the Maze, and what they find in the outside world stuns them (this takes place in the future). The book has a super cliff-hanger ending and I got right into the second book which is just as good so far. There is also a movie coming out for this trilogy, so for all these reasons I suggest you log off Gripped right now and buy this book.

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