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Mockingbird is a sentimental story narrated by a little girl, Caitlin, who has Aspergers. The only person in the world who understood Caitlin was her brother, Devon. But now Devon is dead and Caitlin is on her own. Her whole world is confusing now and she is determined to find closure. So Caitlin and her dad start working on a project that Devon started but never finished, hoping they will find closure when the project is completed. Meanwhile, at school Caitlin starts to think she has finally found a real friend, someone who understands her that is not Devon. I really enjoyed Mockingbird especially because it is written from Caitlin’s point of view and the way she writes the story gives the reader a look into the life of someone who has Aspergers or a similar disability. It explains why someone like that may do or say something that people think is weird or dismiss as a side-effect of what disability they have, but Caitlin makes it all sound normal. Another reason I really liked Mockingbird is that it makes the reader feel like they are seeing the world from out of Caitlin’s eyes and thinking Caitlin’s thoughts, because instead of quotation marks when someone is speaking, it is written in italics so it feels like you are in her head listening to someone else’s conversation. All in all, I really loved this book, and would suggest it for ages 9-12.

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  1. Sickness says:

    Cute story. Tear inducing

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