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Necropolis is the fourth book in the Gatekeepers series. I have reviewed already the first, second, and third books. Necropolis is about the fifth Gatekeeper, Scarlett. The Gatekeepers are the five teenagers who are in charge of closing the “gates” around the world that would otherwise let the Old Ones into the world. The Old Ones are the evil demons that have been locked up for years. The Gatekeepers consist of four boys and one girl. When they are all together they can beat the Old Ones using all their powers combined, but not alone. In the first three books the four boys have come together: Jamie, Scott, Matt, and Pedro. In Necropolis they set out to find the fifth Gatekeeper, Scarlett, and defeat the Old Ones once and for all. But Scarlett doesn’t know she’s a Gatekeeper, and when she is summoned to Hong Kong, she falls into a deadly trap that is trying to lure all the Gatekeepers toward it. In this book, the four boys have to save Scarlett so that the five Gatekeepers can be together at last. I shouldn’t say any more, otherwise I would give too much away. This is a super good book, and it is extremely hard to put down. I would suggest it for ages 9-14, just because there are some gory parts described in A LOT of detail. Other than that, Necropolis is a very, very good book!

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