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Nightrise, the third book in the Gatekeepers series (after Raven’s Gate and Evil Star), is just as gripping as the first two. Maybe even more. In this book, there are two telepathic twins named Jamie and Scott (I’m a twin too but can’t really relate because I’m not telepathic!) that work in a circus because they are basically orphans. One day, Scott gets kidnapped and taken to an evil corporation called Nightrise, who’s main purpose of Nightrise is to find all the Gatekeepers and destroy them. There are five Gatekeepers, and Scott and Jamie are two of them. The first two books are about two others, Matt and Pedro. In this book you also find out about the last Gatekeeper, who is a girl. Jamie has to rescue Scott before it’s too late. Nightrise is for ages 10 and up. I can’t say more about Nightrise without ruining the whole story, but I’ll just say, if you like thrilling adventures and a great story, this is a perfect book for you.

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