Author: Norah McClintock Genre: ,

This is another book in the Chloe and Levesque Mysteries series, along with Over The Edge, which I already reviewed. This series is truly awesome, and No Escape is included in that awesomeness. In this book, Chloe is trying to figure out what happened to a certain girl (and who hurt her so much that she was confined to a wheelchair for life). Everyone is convinced that it was her former boyfriend, Kyle Darke. All the clues point to him, but Chloe isn’t so sure. She, along with Kyle’s brother, Caleb, solve the mystery of what really happened on that fateful day. I literally could not put this book down. My mom saw how obsessed I was with these books and got all the rest of the books in the series, which I have been reading non-stop. This book is probably for ages 10-13, and I cannot suggest it more!!

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