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No Talking puts a whole new perspective on the silent treatment. This interesting story is about a fifth-grader named Dave who is fed up with all the girl’s talking—Lynsey Burgesses’s to be exact. So, they come up with a competition, boys against girls, to see who can be the quietest for two whole days (in school and out). The rules are:

  • You can only say 3 words in a row, more than that counts as a point against your team.
  • You can only talk when directly asked a question.
  • You have to be honest about how many “illegal” words you say at home.
  • You can make sounds and noises, just not words.

The fifth graders are known to be loud. In fact, they even earned themselves a nickname: The Unshushables. So, when everybody unexpectedly goes silent, the teachers don’t know what to think. With its funny characters and creative plot, No Talking will have you gripped, although it is pretty short. No Talking is for young ages and reading levels, probably for ages 8-11. If you are looking for a story that is short and sweet and keeps you reading, you should get No Talking.

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