Author: Norah McClintock Genre: , ,

At first when I started reading this, it was completely and utterly boring, but I came back to it a while later, and after the first few chapters it got amazing! This is a griptacular book about a girl named Chloe Yan. Her step-dad is a detective and has a very interesting case having to do with a boy that used to go to Chloe’s school. Apparently, he committed suicide. Chloe gets on the case and finds out some very surprising things about people who did some things she never would have expected them to do. This book is a little boring at the beginning, but once you get through the boring parts, you’ll probably be stuck to it like glue until you finish it. The way the author describes things makes you feel like you are there with Chloe trying to find out who –or what–killed the strange boy, Peter, or whether he killed himself. This book is also thought-provoking, or at least it was for me. While I was reading the book it was not, but after, it was extremely thought-provoking. This book is part of a whole series. It sounds more gross and gory than it actually is, but I still don’t think anyone under age 9 should read it. Other than that, though, this book is really gripping!!

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