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Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks is a really gripping, funny book. It is about a girl named Carly, who, after she gets back from Wilderness camp, is annoyed at all her family’s wealth and privileges that she never really cared about before. But what annoys her more is that when she was away at camp her sister, Anna, became much more pretty and popular than Carly ever was. Carly tries to make an outward statement that being different is not bad, and she changes her whole style, taste of music, look on life, everything. She basically adopts a hippie style–that is the “Peace” section of Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks. But when Carly comes home and realizes that no one likes her as much as Anna, and that her “being different” statement won’t make a difference to what anyone is going to do, she changes her mind and goes back to being her usual self. That was kind of disappointing for me because it was funny and inspiring to read the things that Carly did to make a statement. The “Love” section of this book is about how Carly finds it hard to love her sister when Anna becomes mean and closed off from Carly. And finally, the “Baby Ducks” section is about how Carly receives 3 baby ducks from their neighbors. Carly and her friend, Vonzelle, take care of the baby ducks. Although this book has good messages, like when Carly and Anna find a way to love each other after everything, it is for ages 13-15 and older because of lots of romance, references to drinking, and bad language.

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  1. Bored@never says:

    Yeh, kinda not okay for tweens, more the stero-typical look on how adults think highschool is super messed up, but still, incredible book…

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