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At first, this book did not really pull me in like I was hoping. The beginning was a bit slow and boring. But towards the middle it started to get more interesting, and then I started reading it a lot. This is a story about an orphan boy named Peter Nimble who is a master thief— but is blind. One day a mysterious man comes to town and Peter steals a box from the man’s carriage. Of course, Peter can’t see what’s in the box: he can’t see the three pairs of magical eyes sitting inside, so it takes a while before he actually tries the first pair on. The three pairs of eyes are the Golden eyes, the Onyx eyes, and the Emerald Eyes. When Peter tries on the Golden eyes, his journey begins (This was when the book became more interesting). Along the way, Peter meets Sir Tode, a knight who has been turned into a mixture of man-horse-cat by a witch. Using the eyes, Peter and Sir Tode travel through the Just Deserts, an endless expanse of heat and sand, and try to reach a place called the Vanished Kingdom using just an obscure riddle as their guide to where it is. When they finally arrive in the Vanished Kingdom, Peter has to defeat the evil king who is ruling the kingdom and free the people. He meets several other people along the way who help him, and Peter finally makes the life-changing discovery of who he is. I liked the plot of this book, and it was a great adventure story, but towards the middle it became extremely predictable. I figured out the riddle, realized Peter’s true identity, and knew what was going to happen at the end before they even reached the Vanished Kingdom. I had to force myself to read the ending because the book splits up and switches back and forth between three different scenes each with a different character, so it was very hard to follow what was really happening and where. Towards the end there is also a war with lots of bloodshed. I would suggest this book for ages 10-13.

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