As you have probably noticed from other book reviews, I read a lot of Wendy Mass books. A LOT. Pi in the Sky is almost as good as her other books. Although I liked it, I would not say that I absolutely loved it and would read it five more times (like I have done for some of the other books by her). The main character is Joss, the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. He is the least important of all his brothers because all he does is deliver pies. One day, a girl from Earth spots a person in the Realms, the place where Joss lives. The consequence of seeing a person in the Realms is severe: destroy the planet. Planet Earth and the entire solar system ends up getting wiped out. There is just one small problem: Joss’s best friend’s parents were on Earth doing an experiment. Since Earth got wiped out of time, everything and everyone on the planet did, too. Which means that Kal, Joss’s friend, is wiped out of time too. Joss is determined to rebuild planet Earth and the entire solar system so that he can get his friend back. Meanwhile, the girl on Earth who spotted the Realms through her microscope, Annika, is transported to the Realms. Throughout the story, Joss and Annika try to rebuild Earth. I think Wendy Mass did a good job of capturing what it would be like to be the seventh son of theĀ Supreme Overlord of the Universe and to live in the Realms.

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