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Shadow Breakers is a story about a girl named Miranda who moves to a small, odd town where odd things are happening. On her first day of school, the bus completely freezes over even though it’s hot outside! Then, computers start exploding in the school lab. Miranda also keeps having the same nightmare again and again. Miranda finds out about a group of people who know all about what is causing this and why it’s happening. The group calls themselves “Shadow Breakers”. I enjoyed Shadow Breakers because it was mysterious enough to keep me reading and I kept wondering what would happen next. This book has a very surprising ending. If you enjoy mysterious, thrilling, and gripping novels, you will enjoy this book. I suggest it for ages 11-13.

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  1. Love11 says:

    OMG this book reminds me of a book called tangerine which is like the best book ever u should read it

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