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Spellbound is the second book in the Books of Elsewhere series. It is just as good as the first book, The Shadows, and pulled me in immediately. In this book, 11-year-old Olive has broken her magic spectacles that allow her to travel through the paintings in her house to get to other worlds. Her new next-door neighbor, Rutherford, after learning Olive’s house used to be owned by witches, mentions to her that every witch has a grimoire, a spell-book that keeps all their magic. Olive gets the idea that with the grimoire she could once again travel through the paintings and even bring her friend, Morton, into the real world again (he’s trapped in a painting). But when Olive finds the grimoire, bad things start to happen, and the book starts to take over her mind. Soon all Olive’s life revolves around is the book–she isn’t normal anymore. Soon after that the real adventure begins, and someone Olive thought was long gone is back again, trying to kill Olive and her friends. The end of Spellbound will leave you wanting to read the third book, The Second Spy. I suggest Spellbound for ages 8-12

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