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Stargirl is an impressive piece of work by Jerry Spinelli. This book with its simple cover surprises you when you read the sentimental, heartbreaking, but also joyous content. It is about a girl who is called “Stargirl” by everyone, even her parents. She is a peculiar girl with habits that are strange but also inspiring and incredibly kind. For example, in her free time, Stargirl looks at the parts of newspapers that tell random information about a person (called “fillers”), like when their birthday is and what they like. Then she will get them a present for their birthday, even if she doesn’t know them, and drop it on their doorstep. She might also drop a card at someone’s house consoling them if she sees their address on a Lost Dog poster or hears that someone they love is in the hospital. No one makes her do it, she just enjoys making other people feel good. When Stargirl comes to Leo Burkle’s school, everyone is surprised at her sudden appearance, but she soon becomes well known and liked because of her odd hobbies. At school she brings a ukelele and plays/sings Happy Birthday to someone when it is their birthday. But her popularity soon changes because people are afraid to hang out with someone who is so…different. They boo her and shun her, but she continues to radiate kindness. Leo starts to like Stargirl, and all her hobbies, and he urges her to become normal. But even when she tries, people still ignore her. Stargirl ends in a sentimental way that might leave you a little sad but also very satisfied. Stargirl is best for ages 10 and up, and I really suggest this if you are looking for a fantastic story!

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  1. Nina says:

    Great, unique book!! I’ve never read anything like this before. If you read this and like it, you should also read Love, Stargirl which is the sequel.

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