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Survival in the Storm–A Diary of Grace Edwards, is a fantastic book in the Dear America series. If you don’t know what this series is, it is a series made up of diaries from different people from different parts in history. Survival in the Storm tells about the drought in Texas in the 1930s and The Dust Bowl. This is about a real girl, but most of the story is fiction, because it is not her actual diary. She tells about how she and her family survived The Dust Bowl, along with other parts of her life. Also, if you need to read a Historical Fiction book for school, this is an excellent book for that. But even if you just enjoy reading Historical Fiction for fun, then you will definitely like this book. I think Survival in the Storm–A Diary of Grace Edwards would be best for ages 12-14, because if you are older than that, the book might not be as interesting for you.

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