I’ll start off to say that The Book Thief has won many awards and is worthy of all of them. It is depressing because it is about the Holocaust, but it is still a great story. The main character, Liesel Meminger, is adopted by a husband and wife after her brother dies and her mother abandons her. Just when she is adapting to her new life, her foster parents shelter a Jew and it is crucial that she keeps it a secret. Liesel loves books and she starts to steal them when Nazis burn them because they are “sinful”. The Book Thief is very interesting because it is narrated by Death: from his point of view, as if Death is a real person. Death is interested in Liesel and sees her quite a lot throughout his life. By seeing parts of her life and reading a journal she wrote about her life (it’s hard to explain how he got it without ruining a part of the story), he manages to piece together her book-stealing life with her foster parents, her Jewish friend, Max, and her best friend, Rudy. If you like happy endings this book is not for you because a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people die—after all, it is about the Holocaust. Even though the ending is sad, it is also a great ending to a great book. I suggest The Book Thief for ages 11 and up. If you are looking for a long but riveting book, The Book Thief is the thing for you.

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  1. LiMei says:

    It ended suddenly. but a good book

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