This is a gripping but confusing book. It has a really good plot and it also has interesting twists that will keep you on your toes. It is about a boy named Jack who finds strange things happening to him, and one day wakes up in a strange hospital with strange people doing strange tests on him. As Jack learns the truth about what he is and what he is about to become, he becomes friends with several other kids that are just like him. They have a unique gene inside them that enables them to have powers. Although that sounds fun, their powers are developing too quickly for their bodies. To save themselves and the world, the kids have to work together to find the seven Loculi hidden in each wonder of the world. Loculi are magical orbs of light that are very powerful. In this series the 4 kids have to work together with their powers to find each hidden Loculi and return it to where it belongs. The Colossus Rises has a cliff-hanger ending, and you will probably find that this author describes things in so much detail that it feels like you are really there with Jack (and I can’t say that that’s true for many books). Even though it is an excellent book, the way they describe things at first are a little confusing, and you sort of have to get through the beginning before it becomes gripalicious. But if you are willing to deal with those things, then you will not regret it.

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  1. Grace says:

    I really like this blog!! I always use it as a reference when I am looking for a book to read. This book had a great plot and many good twists.

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