Every book so far in this series did not disappoint me, and The Fall of Five is no exception. Often times I find that the first book in series is usually the best. But in this case, every book is griptastic! In the fourth book of the series, all members of the Garde are finally together–all except Number Five. Numbers Four, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten have been resting at Nine’s enormous penthouse until they can come up with a plan, when all of a sudden someone burns a big Loric number five into the ground and it is all over the news. When they finally track down Number Five, he is different than all the other Garde and seems to be an inexperienced fighter. The Garde continue to gain strength until they are strong enough for the ultimate fight against Setrakus Ra (the Mogadorian leader), but everything changes when a few of the Garde go to Florida to retrieve Five’s Loric chest, which contains objects that will help them in the fight. I liked this book, but there is a big surprise at the end and something sad happens that will leave you wanting to read the fifth book, The Revenge of Seven. The one thing that you should know is that the characters in the book curse quite a bit. It seems like with each book the swearing gets worse and worse, and I know the characters are teenagers, but it still made me enjoy the book a bit less. But if that does not bother you, then definitely put this book (and series) on your reading list!

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