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The Fault in our Stars is a very emotional, unique story about a 16-year-old girl named Hazel Grace who is diagnosed with stage 4 Thyroid cancer and metastasis in her lungs. She goes to a Cancer Support Group every once in a while. But one day she meets a boy at the Support group named Augustus Waters (a.k.a. Gus) who has a prosthetic leg because of cancer. Hazel and Augustus become close and start to fall in love. As Hazel describes it: ‘I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.’ Eventually, Gus and Hazel travel to Amsterdam to meet their favorite author, Peter Van Houten. Right before they leave Amsterdam, Gus gives Hazel some very bad news. Once they get back home, Gus and Hazel still see each other (and their blind support-group friend Isaac) as much as possible, but then the bad news that Augustus tells Hazel comes into play and it changes the plot of the story majorly. Soon after, the book ends—but it actually wasn’t over for me. Even though I finished the story, it stuck with me the rest of the day, and still does even now. I have read it countless times and it just gets better each time. The main reason that I liked this book so much is because it was so open and honest about how people treat kids with cancer and how normal they are, despite what people may think. Also, Hazel didn’t talk about death like it is bad thing, which is actually very refreshing, she just talked about how it is inevitable and there is no point worrying about it. This story was based on a real girl and now there is a movie based on the book, and so I really suggest you read it, besides the fact that it is a great book. Although the book was great, I was very disappointed with the ending. If you don’t like sad endings, this won’t be for you. Also, it’s not appropriate for kids younger than 13 because of lots of romance and bad language. Other than that, The Fault in Our Stars is a must-read.

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    NOT APPROPRIATE for younger kids

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