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I really liked The Future of Us because it is sort of a twist on time travel from the 1900s to modern-day times. It’s1996 and best friends Emma and Josh have just gotten their first computer. Less than half of all American students have access to the Internet, so they are pretty excited. But Emma and Josh find a link on their computer that takes them to a Facebook page—THEIR Facebook page fifteen years in the future! But they don’t know what Facebook is because it hasn’t been invented yet. On Josh’s page, he has a wonderful life with a rich and beautiful wife, perfect kids, etc. while Emma’s future self is never happy, divorced, has no job, no friends, and barely any money. Emma purposefully tries to change her future by changing the present, and the results are…interesting. I wasn’t sure if I would like this book because 13 Reason Why, also by Jay Asher, was not very good. But I really enjoyed The Future of Us and I would suggest it for ages 11-14.

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