The Giver takes place in the future. A boy named Jonas lives in a world where everyone is assigned to a role, and even though people think they have feelings, the feelings are fake. The only person who holds the real memories and feelings of life is the Giver. Jonas is given a job where he learns about pain, joy, love, music, color, animals, and many other things from the Giver. For me this book was boring at first, and frustrating because it didn’t explain anything, but then it becomes more exciting and makes a lot more sense after a while. I also liked how different this story was from many other futuristic books. I became really gripped after Jonas got assigned to learn from the Giver, but before then, nothing much happens. Other than that, this book is excellent and I would really suggest it for ages 11 and up. If you like books that take place in the future, are extremely original, and have interesting characters, you would like The Giver.

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