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I had heard that The Help was a great book, but I never knew just how amazing it was until I started reading it. The Help is told from the perspective of three different women that live in Jackson, Mississippi during the very racist 1960s. One of the characters, Aibileen, is a maid who has worked for 17 different families and knows how to raise a child better than anyone. But ever since Aibileen’s son died, she has become more bitter and less tolerating of the prejudiced world she lives in and is determined to make sure that the baby girl she looks after, Mae Mobley, never grows up to be racist or mean. Another character in this story, Minny, is a sassy maid who can never keep a job, and after a little “incident” occurs, she has lost another one. She finally finds a new job working for a mysterious lady named Celia, who stays in her room all day, doesn’t want her husband to meet Minny, and is oblivious to all the racism around her. The final main character, Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, is a white 22-year-old woman aspiring to be an author. She has never quite agreed with her friends when it comes to prejudice and racism, because she loved the maid that she had when she was growing up. That maid, Constantine, disappeared one day and Skeeter hasn’t seen her since. No one will answer any of her questions about where Constantine went, but Skeeter is determined to find out. All three of these characters are brought together one day by a decision that changes their lives forever and makes them best friends.

I loved The Help SO much. It is written in a way that pulls you in and never lets go. There are many sad parts in this book, but it is also quite hilarious at times. I found myself falling in love with the characters, and I was always rooting for them. The only thing I was a bit unsatisfied with was that I felt like it ended sort of abruptly. It ended right when things were starting to look bad for one of the characters, and I wanted to see what she would do to fix her situation. But because the overall story was so good, that small thing didn’t change how much I liked the book. Also, I would suggest The Help for ages 13 and older because of the violence and racial slurs. Other than that, I could not suggest this book more. After you read this, go watch the movie; it’s amazing as well!

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