This is an extremely gripalicious story that will keep you on your toes the entire time! If you are looking for an adventurous fantasy, this is the book for you. It is about an ordinary boy named Jake who gets caught up in a society called The History Keepers. The History Keepers are people who travel through time to stop the evil Zeldt family from destroying history as we know it! Jake goes with them to rescue his parents who are stranded in the 16th century. At first he wants nothing to do with the History Keepers, but as he gets to know them he starts to change his mind. If you like this book, it is just the first in a whole series! The ending left me feeling satisfied and I really recommend this book if you enjoy a good adventure story.

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  1. Dilan Patel says:

    I might read this book!!!!!!

  2. Angelina says:

    I thought that this book was a really good book that i really enjoyed.

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