Author: Ned Vizzini and Chris Colombus Genre: , , ,

This book is extremely gripping! The House of Secrets is about three kids, Brendan, Cordelia, and Eleanor Walker, who’s parents buy a new house. Little do they know that there is a lot more to the house than you might think at first. Soon after they buy the house, the Walkers are attacked, and the children are sent into three books, meet the characters in the books, and have really thrilling adventures. They try to figure out which three books they are in so that they can expect what’s coming. The only way they can get out, or so they’re told, is by finding The Book of Doom and Desire, and giving it to the Wind Witch, the monster who attacked their family in the beginning. The Book of Doom and Desire grants you anything you wish. The House of Secrets never stops with the action–seriously. J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, reviewed it as “A break-neck, jam-packed roller coaster of an adventure.” This book is AMAZING and I really suggest it for ages 10-14!!

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