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This was a griptastic book all the way through! Although I liked this one, the other ones in this series weren’t nearly as good as the first one. All the way through, this book keeps you guessing. Even the author’s name is a mystery: Pseudonymous Bosch. This book kept me laughing, with interesting characters and a great plot. It has some boring parts, so it is not my favorite book. Although some parts are boring I really enjoyed reading it. This book is probably best for ages 10-13.

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  1. Love11 says:

    Love it

  2. DGarnet says:

    I really liked the summary of the book, but why do you recommend this book for ages 10-13? Also, why do you think that the author’s name is a mystery?

    • zozelina says:

      I recommended it for those ages because I think a nine year old might find it too boring and/or random. They also may not understand the plot. A fourteen year old would be too old for this book, because it would be too easy of a read for them. Also, the author’s first name is a mystery because it is a mixture between the words ‘pseudo’ and ‘anonymous’. Pseudo means fake, and anonymous means unidentified.

  3. Nina says:

    I love this book and this whole series!!!!!! Pseudonymous Bosch is awesome! I’m on the third book in the series right now.

    Also, I think a “pseudonym” is a pen name, so you see where he was going!

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