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I have been waiting for The One to come out for SO long, and when I got it I read it all in a day. I don’t know what Kiera Cass does to make these books so good, but it was like I was under a spell–I just COULD NOT put the book down! In The One, Prince Maxon has narrowed the Selection down to four girls: America (the protagonist), Kriss, Elise, and Celeste (America’s competitors). Now Maxon must choose which of these four girls he will marry and make queen of Illéa. Throughout the book, America tries to sort out her feelings between Prince Maxon and her childhood sweetheart, Aspen, who is a guard at the palace. Everything is going normally until the day Maxon is going to choose his wife. Something horrible happens just a few minutes before he is going to choose, and something even more drastic happens right after that, so the choosing is postponed. The ending was satisfying but also a bit sad in a few ways. There is never a dull moment in The One, and I guess that’s why I loved it so much. This is for ages 12 and up, though, because there is, of course, a lot of romance that is described in great detail. If you are not one for romance, you should not read The One. But what I know is that if you like Divergent or Twilight, you need to read this excellent series.

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