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The Revenge of Seven is the fifth book in the Lorien Legacies series, and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. All the other books were griptastic and I could not put them down. But The Revenge of Seven started out okay, and got slower and slower from there. I had to force myself sometimes to read it so I could finish it, but I never felt like I really wanted to. In The Revenge of Seven, the Garde are all together (except three of them–the traitor, the kidnapped one, and the dead one). It is time to defeat the Mogadorians, and they continue to train and recruit people onto their team. Although a member of the Garde has betrayed them, a Mogadorian named Adam has turned to their side. When the Mogs finally invade, the Garde starts to fight, and then the book ends. The fight that the other four books have been leading up to, and the book ends right as the fight starts. The sixth and final book is coming out next year, and this one had such a cliff-hanger ending that it is going to be hard to wait for the final book. Although I know there will be another book, I was still not satisfied with the ending, because it ended so abruptly. All in all, my opinion is that this was the weak link of the series, and it could have been a lot better.

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