The Scorch Trials is the sequel to the Maze Runner, and it is just as griptastic. It starts when the “Gladers” (the boys from the Maze) meet a boy named Aris, just as Teresa disappears! Together they make their way through the Scorch Trials, and to safety on the other side, where they are promised a cure for a disease called the Flare. Thomas (the main character) continues his frantic search for Teresa, but when he finds her, he also finds out something about her that breaks his heart and changes his whole perspective of her. In the meantime, the Gladers arrive at an abandoned city, where they have to fight off a bunch of Cranks. Cranks are basically things that used to be people. They are infected by the Flare, a disease that came from solar flares. If you get the Flare, it basically turns you into an animal and you start to lose your mind, as well as your facial features. The end will leave you wanting to read more, and just so you know, the next book in this series is The Death Cure (it’s referring to the cure for the Flare). I loved this book, but it is a bit creepy, so if you don’t think you will like hearing about Cranks and their gruesome habits, then this is not a good book for you. Otherwise, if you love a slightly scary, edge-of-your-seat adventure, I’d suggest The Scorch Trials for you any day.

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