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This book was….I can’t really describe it correctly. AWESOME? GRIPTASTIC? WORTHY OF AN AWARD? All of those, I guess. This was, to put it simply, a really great book. The Selection is an outstandingly written book that takes place in the future (and a very realistic future, too!). In Illéa, which is what the United States is renamed in that time period, every once in a while, girls from all over sign up for a competition to determine who will be the Prince’s wife, and therefore Illéa’s new Queen. This time, the Prince is “Prince Maxon”, who the main character, America Singer (Yes, her name is America Singer!!), thinks is a stuck-up snob. But her family is poor, and they desperately need the money, so America signs up for the competition (because even if she signs up and doesn’t get picked to be queen, her family will get pay checks often). But, to her surprise, she ends up getting picked to be one of the 35 girls that gets to go to the castle to meet Prince Maxon, who will then narrow it down to one girl (the others will be sent back home), who he will marry! America has to leave her home, her family, and everything she has ever known, to go live for who-knows-how-long at a castle with 34 other girls. But as she adjusts to castle life with her new friends (and enemies), America realizes that life there isn’t so bad after all, and even starts to get competitive. If I say any more, I might ruin something, so I will just finish by saying that I think this book is best for ages 11 and up. If you are included in those ages, you should REALLY buy The Selection!!!

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